Self-Reliance vs. Societal Reliance and the Promotion of Self-Serving Agendas


There are estimated to be over 200,000 sexual assaults to people over the age of 12 per year in the US. When these assaults occurred the Perpetrator had the Intent, Means, and Opportunity to commit the violation. Without the presence all three of these factors the violation could not have occurred. That translates to:

A. During some of these violations, the Victim could not have influenced the Perpetrators Intent and/or Means, and/or Opportunity.

B. During some of the violations, the Victim could have influenced the Perpetrator’ Intent, and/or Means, and/or Opportunity.

C. During some of the violations, Society could have influenced the Perpetrator’s Intent and/or Means, and/or Opportunity.

D. During some of the violations, Society could not have influenced the Perpetrator’s Intent and/or Means, and/or Opportunity.

All Violations = A + B + C + D.

The existence of any one of these Factors does not deny the existence of the other Factors.

The statement that all blame for the violation should be placed on the Perpetrator also doesn’t contradict any of these Factors either.
Referring specifically to B, a Victim can have some influence over the Perpetrator’s IMO and still not be at fault for the violation. This statement disagrees with the argument that B is “victim blaming” and that All Violations = A + C.

The Rape Prevention Industry argument of “Teach Don’t Rape as opposed to Teaching Don’t Get Raped”, says A exists, B doesn’t exist, C exists, D doesn’t exist. Thus, All Violations = A + C. As proof, they will list numerous examples of A + C as evidence. The flaw in the argument is that the existence of A + C does NOT show the non-existence of B + D regardless of how many examples of A + C that are provided.

And the existence of B +D as promoted by the Self-Defense Industry, does NOT minimize or deny the existence of A + C. 

The method to reduce the overall number of sexual assaults is to reduce all the Factors of A, B, C, D such that All Violations = a + b + c + d, where a<A, b<B, c<C, d<D.

The Self-Defense Industry promotes Self-Reliance vs. Societal Reliance. (B+ D vs. A+C). The Rape Prevention Industry promotes Societal Reliance vs. Self-Reliance (A+C vs. B+D). Both of these methods are self-serving agendas that activity detract from the overall goal of reducing the total number of rapes and sexual assaults.

Self-Reliance is not mutually exclusive of Societal Reliance and vice-versa. Any claim to the contrary clouds the issue and is evidence of promoting self-serving agendas.