How Slippery Slope Logic Reveals that Feminists are Really Victim-Blamers

Enter into many discussions of controversial subjects and sooner or later you will be hit with the Slippery Slope Logic argument or accusation. It goes something like this:

You – “People who are drunk are more likely to be victimized by crime.”
Opponent - “You are blaming the Victim.”
You – “No. I said that a person who has certain Factors is at higher risk of being victimized.” Opponent – “You are a Victim-Blamer."
You - “No, I am not.”
Opponent“Yes, you are!”
Once Slippery Slope Logic is introduced into the discussion, the discussion is likely to spiral into an argument with no resolution.

Slippery Slope Logic follows the pattern:
Many people think A.
Many people who think A, think B.
Many people who think B, think C.
Many people who think C, think D.
Thus, many people who think A, think D.

It “seems” logical. Thinking A leads to thinking D. Here’s the problem. Let’s say 40% or people is “many” people.

40% of A becomes B. 40% of B becomes C. 40% of C becomes D, so 40% of A becomes D.
WRONG!!! Actually, 6.4% of A become D. We could think of 6.4% as actually being few. Therefore, in reality, all else being equal, few people who think A, think D. The real problem with these arguments is the other underlying assumption that “all else being equal” is rarely true.

Slippery Slope Logic also shows how some becomes many which becomes most which becomes all as in labeling and stereotyping phrases such as “Men do this, or Women think that”.

Let’s take a look at the Victim-Blaming argument used against many self-defense instructors.

1.       Many self-defense instructors think that there are actions people can take to lower their risk of being victimized by crime.

2.       Thinking someone can do something to lower risk means thinking he or she has some control over what happens or had happened.

3.       Having some control means having some responsibility

4.       Having responsibility means you have fault for what happens.

5.       Therefore, self-defense instructors blame crime victims.

6.       Self-defense instructors are Victim-Blamers.

This type of logical is very effective because each step in the process seems to make “sense” if all else is equal. But remember, all else is rarely equal.
More Slippery Slope Logic:

              1. Victims don’t want to be victimized by crime.

2. Not wanting it means not inviting it.

3. Not inviting it means not doing anything to attract it.

4. Not attracting it mean no responsibility.

5. No responsibility means no control.

6. No control means no power.

7. No power means there was nothing the Victim could do to alter what happen to him/her.

8. Thus, anything that suggests anything to the contrary is Victim Blaming.

Are Feminists really Victim Blamers?

           1. Many Feminists think men and women are equals.

2. Thinking men and women are equal means thinking that women are as capable and powerful as men.

3. Being capable and powerful gives a woman control over her life.

4. Having control over her life means she can alter events.

5. Having the ability to alter events mean having responsibility.

6. Having responsibility means having fault for what happens.

7. Therefore, women who are victimized are to blame for what happens to them.

Slippery Slope Logic tells us that Feminists are Victim Blamers. Self-Defense instructors are Victim Blamers. The problem with labeling all these people as Victim Blamers is it puts them in the same category as the true Victim-Blamers. A true Victim-Blamer thinks “that woman deserved to be raped because she wore that dress”.

Victim-Blaming does exist. It is a real problem that needs to be addressed. It needs to be solved. But mass accusations of Victim-Blaming creates a backlash. It creates confusion. It diverts resources away from solving the real problem. Problem solving requires looking deeply into all the sources of the problem, not just cherry picking the sources that meet the requirements of promoting a particular agenda.

FOR THE RECORD:  I do not think that Feminists or Self-defense Instructors are Victim-Blamers. I used them as examples of the fallacy of Slippery Slope Logic.